eas|y1 W1S1 [ˈi:zi] adj comparative easier superlative easiest
1¦(not difficult)¦
3¦(not worried)¦
5¦(easily attacked)¦
6 take the easy way out
7 have an easy time (of it)
8 easy money
9 easy on the eye/ear
10 it's/that's easy for you to say
11 there are no easy answers
12 I'm easy
13 be (living) on easy street
14 on easy terms
15 eggs over easy
16 woman/lady/girl of easy virtue
[Date: 1100-1200; : Old French; Origin: aisié, from aise; EASE1]
not difficult to do, and not needing much effort
≠ ↑difficult, hard ↑hard
The test was easy.
Finishing the task will not be easy.
There must be an easier way to do that.
easy to do sth
It's a great car, and very easy to drive.
instructions that are easy to follow
It would have been easy for the team to lose the game.
make it easier (to do sth)
The software makes it easier to download music from the net.
Having you here does make things a lot easier for me.
as easy as pie/ABC/falling off a log
(=very easy)
The station is within easy reach of (=close to) the town centre.
The park is within easy walking distance (=close enough to walk to) .
comfortable or relaxed, and without problems
≠ ↑hard
On the whole, Dad has had an easy life .
easy day/week etc
She had a nice easy day at home.
You can have an easy time of it now that the kids have all left home.
Why don't we make life easy for ourselves and finish it tomorrow?
not feeling worried or anxious
≠ ↑uneasy
We talk more openly when we feel easy and relaxed.
I can leave the children with my mother with an easy mind .
4.) ¦(FRIENDLY)¦
friendly and pleasant with other people
She is gentle and easy to be with .
able to be hunted or attacked without difficulty
The soldiers on the streets are an easy target for terrorists.
Tourists are easy prey for thieves.
6.) take the easy way out
to end a situation in a way that seems easy, but is not the best or most sensible way
I just took the easy way out and gave him some cash.
7.) have an easy time (of it)
to have no problems or difficulties
She's not been having an easy time of it financially.
8.) easy money
money that you do not have to work hard to get
We can buy them for $10 and sell them for $25 - easy money.
9.) easy on the eye/ear
pleasant to look at or listen to
Soft colours are easy on the eye.
10.) it's/that's easy for you to say
spoken used when someone has given you some advice that would be difficult for you to follow
11.) there are no easy answers
used when saying that it is difficult to find a good way of dealing with a problem
12.) I'm easy
spoken used to say that you do not mind what choice is made
'What would you like to do now?' 'I don't know, I'm easy.'
13.) be (living) on easy street
informal, especially AmE to be in a situation in which you have plenty of money
If I get this new job, we'll be living on easy street.
14.) on easy terms
if you buy something on easy terms, you pay for it with several small payments instead of paying the whole amount at once
New settlers in the west could buy land on relatively easy terms.
15.) eggs over easy
AmE eggs cooked on a hot surface and turned over quickly before serving
16.) woman/lady/girl of easy virtue
old-fashioned a woman who has sex with a lot of men
17.) ¦(SEX)¦ informal
someone, especially a woman, who is easy has a lot of sexual partners
→↑ease, easily
easy to do: simple, not difficult
very easy to do: be a piece of cake, be child's play, be a snap (AmE), be a doddle (BrE), anyone can do it, be like falling off a log (informal)
easy to use: user-friendly
easy job: cushy (informal)
easy 2
easy2 S2 adv
1.) take it easy
a) also take things easy
to relax and not do very much
Take things easy for a few days and you should be all right.
b) spoken used to tell someone to become less upset or angry
Just take it easy and tell us what happened.
c) AmE spoken used to say goodbye
2.) go easy on/with sth
to not use too much of something
Go easy on salty foods such as bacon.
3.) go easy on sb
to be more gentle and less strict or angry with someone
Go easy on Peter for a while - he's having a hard time at school.
4.) easier said than done
especially spoken used to say that something would be very difficult to do
Finding the perfect house was easier said than done.
5.) rest/breathe easy
to stop worrying
We can rest easy now - we've got everything under control.
6.) easy does it
spoken used to tell someone to be more careful and slow, especially in moving
7.) get off easy informal
to escape severe punishment for something that you have done wrong
The rich could hire good lawyers and get off easy.
8.) easy come, easy go
spoken used when something, especially money, was easily obtained and is quickly used or spent
9.) stand easy
an order telling soldiers who are already standing at ↑ease to relax more

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.


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